DJing at Platoon Kunsthalle Berlin


Join us for DONNERSTAGSBAR – PLATOON members & friends night, which will feature Peter Kirn’s very special live set and a head-to-head DJ set by Peter and myself! After the click you will also find a new DJ promo mix which features current bass music culture for your dancing pleasure.

Dazz & Keko Album

Finally my friend Keko and I made our Dazz & Keko project available. The LP entiteld Out of the box is full of 7 tracks

New Music Release

My friend Keko and I released the track Wordplay of our Dazz & Keko project on the new Mercedes Benz Mixtape Compilation called Orange Distortion.

New Audio Art Release

„The Number Stations“ compilation project including my piece “Obfuzzcation” has been released through the established PublicSpaces Lab netlabel.

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