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LAB30 2021 Exhibition

Unfortunately, the lab30 media arts festival 2020 has been canceled due to Covid-19 and postponed to the end of March 2021! Let`s hope for the best and see you in March!?

My installation ‘What do machines sing of?’ will be shown next as part of the media art festival ‘lab30’ in Augsburg. So if you happen to be around, see you there!

Lab30 Media Art Festival

Lab30 is the place for experimental analog and digital art projects. It might sound complex or complicated, but it’s easy and concrete! The festival attracts visitors who want to be surprised by innovative works between arts and technology.

Next year’s artists are from Germany and (mainland) Europe. They introduce us to their installations, performances, and concerts and generate an electrifying and cosmopolitan atmosphere at Kulturhaus abraxas in Augsburg.

The detailed program and ticket shop are going to be online. Due to the pandemic, there will be limited and assigned seats in the concerts as well as guided tours through the exhibition only. You need to purchase the tickets in advance.


Exhibition Opening: 25 March 2020 – 6 p.m.
Opening Hours: 25 March – 28 March 2021 (Please check the webpage for online tickets)


Kulturhaus abraxas
Sommestr. 30
86156 Augsburg

St. Thaddäus
Ulmer Str. 63
86156 Augsburg – Kriegshaber

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lab30 Website
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