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Live coding concert with Republic 111

I will play live as part of the Laptop Ensemble Republic 111 at the University of Arts in Berlin.


Invitation to an evening with THE SOCIETY FOR NONTRIVIAL PURSUITS

Complex behaviors, whether in feedback systems, chaotic circuits, social systems and/or computer programs are fascinating objects of study. The Society for Nontrivial Pursuits (students, alumni and associates of the class Generative Art / Computational Art at UdK Berlin) explores the possibility spaces of such systems for experimental performance. They design, build and program their own audio/visual performance systems based on a variety of devices, sensors, analog electronics, and software synthesis, and use them in extremely diverse projects, often intended for performance contexts.


UdK Haus Salomon (a.k.a. “Medienhaus”)
Aula – room 110, second floor / erster Stock
Grunewaldstrasse 2-5
U7 Kleistpark

Please note: Concert starts at 7.00pm sharp!

Concerts and performances by…

Republic 111: Live coding network music since 2009.
Performance may or may not include: gendytrouble, workingMan, kitties & doom, feedDriftCombX, callCenter, derLineal, plagiator, noergler, superSaw, urlaut, bubble, MUTE, and dropTape.

Silicon Dream : Trillenium Xtreme miX

Chi-Hsia Lai: WanderOnStage Untitled #1.2
The WanderOnStage project pursues a performance approach that brings together aspects of percussion performance and media technology. It is a series of structured sound improvisations called Untitled, in which each configuration is modified depending on the performance space. The setup consists of percussive objects, mallets, microphones, a custom software effect for spatialisation and delay, and a wearable device to control that effect.

Mari Matsutoya and Annie Goh: How to win friends & influence people
Non-conceptual sound performance for laptops, analog instruments, voice, sensor controllers and Supercollider.

Trio Brachiale: Hybrid Improv #17 – the absence is always present
Ongoing series of improvised performances with minimalist pre-negotiation for maximalist surprise factor. Shut up, listen and play.

Tobias Purfürst: Fillmore Sketches

Yair Elazar Glotman: Kohelet: Study in Maximalism no.3

Giuliano Obici: laptop chorale / or / Lanhouse Concert

Liew Pichanan Niyomkarn: Hi Bhola No.2

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