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Pixelhead M.I.A. Collaboration Auction

Back in May, I collaborated with M.I.A. for her latest “Double Bubble Trouble” music video with my very own Pixelhead mask. Three of four Pixelhead masks from the music video are going to auction (Ebay). The masks are strictly limited to four, each worn in the music video, signed and numbered by M.I.A. and myself. More info after the click!

Pixelhead Ebay Auction

Ebay auction link


Pixelhead – M.I.A. Edition
Edition of 4
Size: Unisize (34 x 26 cm)
Material: elastic fabric, digital fabric printing color
Signed and numbered by M.I.A. and myself

M.I.A.`s signature:

Here`s the official music video

More info here

My Pixelhead art work
M.I.A. UK Website
Preview photo by M.I.A.