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THE WRONG TV Online Exhibition

The latest project to come out of The Wrong (which runs The Wrong Digital Art Biennale) is The Wrong TV, a new online tv platform for digital art, music & culture, with 24/7 free live streaming. David Quiles Guilló reached out to Ben Grosser to curate a program […]

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New Artwork: Nature Changes Along with Us

I am very excited to announce that my new work called „Nature Changes Along with Us“ is finally ready for the public. The work is basically a generative/algorithmic 3-channel computer/video installation and deals with the human impact on our planet and with our changing notion of nature. It´s […]

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M.I.A. Collaboration

I am happy to announce that I collaborated with M.I.A. for her new “Double Bubble Trouble” music video, directed by herself. Please find my art work Pixelhead as part of her music video after the click.

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Sound for Video Installation

I cooperated with australian artist Petrina Hicks to work on a new video installation called “Hippy and the Snake”. I did all the recording, processing and sound design for the two-channel video installation.

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Sound Direction “The Lost”

In my role as Sound Director for Reynolds Reynolds new work “The Lost” I will be responsible for the whole sound and music of the entire movie. Following our successful collaboration “Six Easy Pieces”, I am really looking forward to the new collaboration.

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