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Dazz & Keko Album

Finally my friend Keko and I made our Dazz & Keko project available. The LP entiteld Out of the box is full of 7 tracks


Dazz & Keko presents an optimistic view into what Hip Hop look like in the future and of course, its not Hip Hop in the conventional sense though, more the boundaries on Hip Hop crossing over into Electronica, Jazz, Funk, Psychedelic Rock, New Wave and a touch of “you will never know, what happens next”. It knocks, it’s creative and it’s tailor-made for people already out for a different sort of fix.


production, composition – Dazz aka Martin Backes
vocals, lyrics – Kiko King
guitar – Ron Spielman
bass – Jonas Gruber & Jörg Holdinghausen
additional keys – Heiko Kulenkampff
percussion – seven
mixing & mastering – Henning Hattendorf & Martin Backes
cover artwork – Judith Keller & Martin Backes

Buy the album if you like this kind of music, or even if you don’t. Have a listen or download it here