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On October 30, 2010 I recorded the U-Bahn-Geräusche-Chor at 6 different subway locations in Berlin in order to produce a whole audio documentation.


Grit Ruhlands idea was it to arrange a mixed choir, which deals with the perception, processing and interpretation of underground sounds. A group of 10-40 people met over a period of three months. In collaboration with the artist Grit Ruhland and Ulrike Sowodniok, the choir performed interpretations, pieces, canons and gestures live in station entrances on October 30, 2010.

As part of U10 – von hier aus ins Imaginäre und wieder zurück. An art project of the Berlin NGBK

Idea, Organisation, Conception

Grit Ruhland

Voicing, Choir Mentoring, Conception

Ulrike Sowodniok

Audio Production (recording, mixing and mastering)

Martin Backes

Some Photos

For more info

www.u10-berlin.de & www.ngbk.de