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Vertical Wire Music

A reinterpretation of Alvin Luciers “Music On A Long Thin Wire” is permanently installed at University of Arts Berlin.


Vertical Wire Music (co-op with Heidrun Schramm and Christoph Illing)
Dimensions: variable
Material: amplifier, sine tone generator, magnets, transducer, mixing desk, piano music wire, contact microphone, construction


“This version by Backes, Illing, and Schramm is not a performance, per se — it does not strictly abide to Lucier’s original. They have ingeniously adapted his work to exist as a constant presence — their reinterpretation, thus, shifts “Music on a Long Thin Wire” to a sculptural mode from a concert mode.” Quote by disquiet.com


Please note

“Vertical Wire Music” is a reinterpretation of Alvin Luciers “Music On A Long Thin Wire” by Martin Backes, Heidrun Schramm and Christoph Illing. It`s a permanent installation! Which means you can visit this exhibition at anytime.


University of Arts Berlin
Lietzenburger Straße 45, spiral staircase
10789 Berlin

http://www.udk-berlin.de → Interview (only german version)