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KlangLand 17 Exhibition

I am really happy to present my latest work „I am sitting in a machine;“ at KlangLand 17 in Kassel, Germany.


The exhibition with works by 12 international artists explores various facets of machine music and music machines. The artistic positions are in the field of tension of media-influenced pop culture of everyday life and avant-garde sound art. They have a specific historical context:
From composer and musician Alexander Mossolov, the composer of the piece “The Iron Foundry (Zavod)” to the futurist Luigi Russolo (“The Art of Noise”), to the groups “Einstürzende Neubauten” and “Kraftwerk” Machine world as a source of inspiration for artistic creation.
Be it early mechanical glockenspiels, sophisticated orchestration jukeboxes, rhythm machines or robotic voices, the sound and the possibilities of self-playing instruments has fascinated and “touched” people in a peculiar way for centuries!
With the introduction of the machine in music, not only the sound of nature, the bird song or the rustling of the woods, mixed with the praise of God, love, earthly pleasures or human tragedies was suddenly the main focus of the “music of the future”, but also a downright Promethean enthusiasm for listening to a “world made by man” (Peter Weibel).

The exhibition is supported by the culture department of the city of Kassel.


Martin Backes, Falk René Beigang, Tobias Böhm, Elko Brass & Dumpster Drum Machine Group, Adam Collis, Sascha Fernsel, Karl Heinz Jeron, Adrian Palka, Gerd Pilz, Alexander Rausch, Stefan Riebel, Wolfram DER Spyra, Roksana Vikaluk


Opening: December 7, 2017
Exhibition: December 7 – December 14, 2017


Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 177
34119 Kassel

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