For WHITEvoid and Bertron Schwarz Frey, we (aconica – creative lab for sound + media) worked on an interactive multimedia installation for the reopening of the Mendelssohn-Haus museum.

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The centerpiece of the newly reopened Mendelssohn Museum is the interactive media installation „Effektorium“. Visitors can conduct a digital orchestra using a wall and touch screen. By using a browser interface, you can navigate through various songs of the composer.features


At the conductor’s stand, visitors can choose from different Mendelssohn songs, and interactively control the Orchestra. The LED panels representing singers, musicians and notes, and visualizing the music through light signals. By using the conductor`s wand (Motion-tracking via 3-D camera), visitors can change the tempo of the orchestral performance in real-time. The touch screen serves as an interactive control center.

Lead Agency
Creativ Direction, Programming GUI and Visuals by WHITEvoid
Interior Design by Bertron Schwarz Frey
My service: Creative Direction Sound, Supervision Recording, Sound Production and Programming

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