Nature Changes Along with Us


In this work, seemingly purposeless actions are repeated over and over again. A surreal, absurd situation dealing with the contemporary individual seeking to control nature in a way, which increasingly resembles the monotony of operating machines we have created ourselves. The belief in the ability to exert control over the environment for the well-being of individuals still seems omnipresent. It remains uncertain if such a perception of control goes even beyond a simple desire and is, in fact, a psychological and biological necessity?! Do we need to recognize that in our successful control over nature, we have alienated ourselves from it?

Nature Changes Along with Us
Year of Creation: 2019
Size: variable screen size, at least 55 inch
Duration: generative
Technique: 3x flat screen, computer, custom-made computer program, cables, loudspeakers

Documentation Video

I also uploaded the video to YouTube. Please find it here.


Idea, Concept and Production: Studio Martin Backes
Software Design: Martin Backes
Programming and CGI: Federico Foderaro
DOP, Camera and Light: Patrick Jasim

Blog Entry / More Information

You will find more information and photos about the project right here: Blog Entry and More Information